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After receiving the diagnosis of “Pancreatic Cancer,” I felt seriously overwhelmed and in need of help. Claire’s support and reports after each doctor’s visit were incredibility helpful for me to understand the doctors’ comments and recommendations that helped me believe there was hope after receiving a scary diagnosis like pancreatic cancer. Over the past six months of chemotherapy and a Whipple operation, Claire’s steady support and guidance was always there and that helped me immensely! I attribute my survival and improving health to her support and medical guidance."

-John D.

Reflecting upon my experience with Claire Thevenot, I’m filled with gratitude because I could not have faced what I had to face so calmly without her. This may sound dramatic but part of my story is, at least to me.


I arrived alone in Atlanta in late January 2022 to prepare for a major and complex procedure at the Northside Hospital under the care and direction of a world class specialty medical center. Although the center recommends a non-medical companion arrive alongside international travellers such as myself, due to the Omicron surges, ever-shifting isolation requirements of various governments and the potential for an extended stay to convalesce, my husband and I decided that we would improvise care arrangements in the area for me and engage the help of Claire as a patient advocate.


I cannot praise Claire enough for her efficiency, pragmatism and commitment to ensuring that I felt warmly, professionally and appropriately received in Atlanta and more importantly supported. Claire helped me track medical issues, acted as resource person helping me locate appropriate COVID testing facilities, recommended safe accommodations in Atlanta once it became apparent that I needed to move to a hotel with better services and quick access to pharmacies, shops and restaurants. Claire helped organize medical visits, checked in with me regularly, accompanied me at appointments where she took notes and or recorded meetings. She was present on the day of surgery and kept key family members informed at the appropriate times. 


Facing a complex medical procedure alone is never ideal. Although I travelled to Atlanta alone, once I arrived and met Claire I knew that I had engaged the services of the right support person. Her knowledge of the medical system and hospitals in Atlanta and her insight into minor but important cultural differences between countries in general was invaluable and reassuring to me. With Claire working as your patient advocate, you never feel alone. She’s pragmatic, efficient and empathetic and for this I will always be grateful."

-Apryl W.

With a positive family history of cancer, the news that a biopsy had shown some abnormalities was a serious concern. While I am comfortable in the medical arena, it is easier to feel when the results are someone else's. Claire supported me through two second opinions: helping me prepare for the appointments with the questions I needed answered to make my decision about next steps, carefully summarizing what each physician shared, and talking through the implications of all the options with me. Claire's expertise, thoroughness, and ability to 'get' what mattered most to me made all the difference."

-Cindi G.

-Brooke C.

Claire was hired into a very complex family situation and a medical mystery that seemed impossible to solve. I came to her in a state of panic. As soon as she heard our situation, she took charge and was able to truly advocate for my mom by getting the family aligned, providing sound medical options and guidance, and then coordinating every last detail of the facilities, medical transfers, medical bills, and hospice. Even now she remains involved in helping me close the estate. Claire is a god send and is simply a joy to work with. A "can-do" attitude with the ability to navigate tough conversations and decisions. I highly recommend Claire."

I had no idea how complicated a cancer diagnosis could be until I was the one with cancer. When you find out you have cancer, that's all they know! They don't know how aggressive, the stage, or which treatment options you will need to consider. To get those answers, it takes multiple appointments, with multiple doctors, all to be scheduled and coordinated by the patient. I was diagnosed with breast cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic, adding an extra layer of complication and fear. Claire was my first call, and she instantly calmed my husband and me. She told us exactly what to expect at each step and helped us get ahead of the curve to know which appointments were next so we could schedule ahead. We knew nothing about the complexities of breast cancer, and she patiently went over every lab and helped us understand each and every result and plan for our upcoming appointments. She helped us by reviewing questions, being live on the phone to take notes, and following up the same day with detailed notes from each appointment. Her notes were so valuable when we were preparing questions or reviewing lab work. With Claire's help, I was able to accelerate my care and proceed with surgical treatment with confidence it was the right first step. Cancer is a very bumpy road and involves a lot of tough decision making. Having Claire involved in my care greatly lowered our stress and gave us additional confidence in our decisions. She was also a trusted, empathetic, and knowledgeable voice through all of the emotional ups and downs of each visit and test result. I am tremendously grateful for her help and would highly encourage anyone facing a their own or a family's cancer diagnosis to enlist her support. I can't imagine having walked this journey without her!

-Cyndy L.

When my husband had a heart attack two days after moving into a new house and he was mistakenly sent to a hospital out-of-network and his horrible HMO insurance wouldn't approve the bypass surgery he needed – and all this in the middle of COVID so I couldn't see him – I was referred to Claire Thevenot.  She saved me from having my own heart attack from all the stress. She is knowledgeable and caring and has expertise in both
administration and nursing – so a perfect person to advocate medically and also navigate the HMO nightmares.  Claire was my guardian angel!

-Lisa B.

Claire has been a blessing for our family! My father spent 5 weeks in Emory LTAC, during which time we received no progress on his health, no communication from his doctors, and erroneous information from the nurses. At that point we hired Claire, and, after she worked her magic, we began receiving regular reports from the doctor. She even arranged an online meeting between our family and the administration at Emory to discuss dad's progress. My dad's situation improved immensely thanks to Claire closely following his daily prognoses and holding the hospital to account for their decisions. He left Emory two weeks later and is now home recovering with physical therapy."

-Karen A.

I had tried unsuccessfully for almost 1 year to get my medical records transferred from my previous primary care physician to my new primary care physician. To complicate matters, my previous primary care physician’s practice had closed. I was completely frustrated and had no idea how to proceed and concluded that getting professional help from someone intimately familiar with the healthcare system was going to be the only solution to getting my medical records request resolved. Within 1 week of working with Claire, my new primary care physician’s office had received my medical records. Claire was very responsive to my inquiries, easy to work with and quickly completed my case to my full satisfaction. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone experiencing problems related to navigating the complexities of the healthcare system."

-Mark S.

I am an ALS patient.  This disease is fluid and presents challenge after challenge. Claire is with me to take on these physical, financial, and emotional challenges every step of the way. The moment we established a relationship, I felt immediate relief – not only for me, but also for my family, for their challenges are as great, if not greater, than mine. So for all who are dealing with medical and care prayer is you find Claire."

-Annie M.

When I received my breast cancer diagnosis, I was so paralyzed by fear I could not grasp what the next steps were going to be in my journey.  Overwhelmed with information and decisions to be made, I was introduced to Claire through a friend and was so grateful for the connection, instantly.  Claire was a wealth of knowledge, support, and an advocate, from answering questions about the stages of breast cancer, advice on healthcare professionals, attending appointments and talking through all of my options. I was able to gain some clarity and navigate through the process. I am so thankful and feel that everyone should have this type of support in their own personal journey, as the emotional aspect can be as great or greater than the physical side."

-Michele D.

I was 57 and living alone when I found out I had stage-4 lung cancer.  I was terrified.  Claire was my lifeline...she went with me to appointments and took notes when I was too overwhelmed to comprehend, or remember, what the doctor said.  A survivor and an oncology nurse herself, Claire encouraged me to call her when I didn't feel well or just because I was worried.  We laughed together and we cried together.  Along the way, she made me feel stronger, braver in a way no one else could."

-Beth G.

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