My insurance plan stopped covering a medication I’ve been taking for years, causing the monthly cost to more than double.  Claire researched and found a discount program that has saved me over $800 in out-of-pocket expenses in the past year. I highly recommend using Clarity."

-Rebeccah G.

When I received my breast cancer diagnosis, I was so paralyzed by fear I could not grasp what the next steps were going to be in my journey.  Overwhelmed with information and decisions to be made, I was introduced to Claire through a friend and was so grateful for the connection, instantly.  Claire was a wealth of knowledge, support, and an advocate, from answering questions about the stages of breast cancer, advice on healthcare professionals, attending appointments and talking through all of my options. I was able to gain some clarity and navigate through the process. I am so thankful and feel that everyone should have this type of support in their own personal journey, as the emotional aspect can be as great or greater than the physical side."

-Michele D.

I was 57 and living alone when I found out I had stage-4 lung cancer.  I was terrified.  Claire was my lifeline...she went with me to appointments and took notes when I was too overwhelmed to comprehend, or remember, what the doctor said.  A survivor and an oncology nurse herself, Claire encouraged me to call her when I didn't feel well or just because I was worried.  We laughed together and we cried together.  Along the way, she made me feel stronger, braver...in a way no one else could."

-Beth G.


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