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Below are some additional resources from external sources you may find helpful as you navigate your healthcare journey.

Five Wishes

Five Wishes offers tools for discussing care choices with your family as well as an easy-to-use advanced planning legal document.

Cancer Support Community Atlanta

Connect with other cancer survivors and participate in programs that enhance your wellbeing at the Cancer Support Community Atlanta.

Campaign Zero

Campaign Zero is dedicated to patient safety and has checklists to help your loved one avoid a hospital-related mistake or condition.

Kaiser Family Foundation

Get the latest national healthcare news, policy updates, and trends at the Kaiser Family Foundation website. The website also includes a variety of healthcare resources.

Nerd Wallet

This article from Nerd Wallet includes information about choosing a healthcare plan that suits your needs.

Choosing Wisely

Be a wise healthcare consumer and learn what questions to ask to make sure you get appropriate and necessary care.

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