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Meet Claire

Founder & Patient Advocate

As the founder and patient advocate of Clarity Patient Advocates, my mission is to help patients in the Greater Atlanta Area to achieve the best healthcare possible by ensuring access to quality resources, providing information that empowers informed care, and easing the emotional, financial, and logistical burden of navigating the often complex and confusing healthcare system. Having an advocate allows patients and their families to focus on what is important and make informed choices.


I have uniquely experienced healthcare from three sides – as a nursing professional with experience in health education and patient experience, as a caretaker, and as a patient. This perspective allows me to empathize with my clients while also having a thorough understanding of the healthcare system. Along with several years of clinical and administrative healthcare experience as a nurse, I have had to navigate my own healthcare journey as a breast cancer patient and have helped many others along their journeys as well. My career in patient advocacy was born from the desire to help others have quality healthcare experiences where they feel empowered to guide their own journeys.


Accompany Patients to Medical Appointments

Organize Medical Bills and Payments

Research and Explain Diagnoses and Treatments

Aid in Insurance Decision-Making and Appeals

Perform Medical Record and Medication Reviews

My insurance plan stopped covering a medication I’ve been taking for years, causing the monthly cost to more than double.  Claire researched and found a discount program that has saved me over $800 in out-of-pocket expenses in the past year. I highly recommend using Clarity."

- Rebeccah G.

When I found out I had stage-4 lung cancer, Claire was my lifeline.  A survivor and nurse herself, she encouraged me to call her when I didn't feel well or just because I was worried.  We laughed together and we cried together.  Along the way, she made me feel stronger and braver in a way no one else could."

-Beth G.

When I received my breast cancer diagnosis, I was so paralyzed by fear I couldn't grasp the next steps. Claire was a wealth of knowledge and support. I am so thankful and feel that everyone should have this type of support, as the emotional aspect can be as great or greater than the physical side."

- Michele D.

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